What, With Whom?

You may wonder if we’ll be using vintage microphones like the one pictured above, in our podcast studio. No, we will not. Those classic mics are rare, intended for singing (not talking), and they’re expensive AF!

But who are we gonna talk to, and what are we gonna talk about?

Makes sense to start with what and who you know – right? So, for our host Russ Murray with his widely-varied career experiences, that means current events, trends, and issues related to:

  • Fashion (model agencies, influencers, designers, brands, manufacturers, retailers, stylists, photographers, etc.)
  • Food (chefs, cultures, cuisines, agriculture, growers, producers, manufacturers, global supply chains, etc.)
  • Creativity (music, photography, art, performers, talent, agencies, production, licensing, NFT’s, CD’s, vinyl, etc.)
  • Business (finance, operations, logistics, manufacturing, global supply chains, post-pandemic realities, etc.)
  • Technology (software, hardware, web, mobile, wellness, remote workers in a post-pandemic technocracy, etc.)

There’ll be conversations with experts and insiders from each industry sector about their history, current trends, key issues they are facing, and their predictions for the future. Of particular importance and global interest, are two BIG issues of today, which will be our ongoing focus across all industry sectors:

  • SUSTAINABILITY – exploring efficiency and waste, environmental impacts, carbon footprints, climate changes, new materials and technologies, reversing damage, and hope for the future.
  • INCLUSIVITY – exploring challenges, encouraging equality, celebrating diversity, amplifying voices of underserved communities, identifying remedies and next steps.

February 2022: since the AudioConvo podcast is launching during the Black History Month, we will be especially focused on amplifying black voices with the 2-3 episodes we publish this month.

So, that’s a rough outline of what we plan to talk about. We’ll start with who and what we know, and see where it leads! We know some really amazing people who have something to say in each industry sector, so this is going to be fun, for sure…

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Photo Credit: the banner image is provided free-of-charge by Unsplash.com and Israel Palacio – thank you!

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