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Topics & issues: fashion, food, creativity, music, art, business, technology, and the future.

  • What, With Whom?

    You may wonder if we’ll be using vintage microphones like the one pictured above, in our podcast studio. No, we will not. Those classic mics are rare, intended for singing (not talking), and they’re expensive AF! But who are we gonna talk to, and what are we gonna talk about? Makes sense to start with…

  • Pivot to Podcast

    This blog started as an app idea, which was never realized. The project was called “talkback” and the idea was to manage all inbound and outbound messaging in ONE place, like a single, super-unified inbox (and outbox). We even came up with a nice logo… After several years of blogging, posting, pitching investors with zero…

AudioConvo is hosted by Russ Murray.

(He doesn’t know a lot, but he knows a lot of people who do.)

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