Pivot to Podcast

This blog started as an app idea, which was never realized. The project was called “talkback” and the idea was to manage all inbound and outbound messaging in ONE place, like a single, super-unified inbox (and outbox). We even came up with a nice logo…

talkback app - a DREAMIT concept / project

After several years of blogging, posting, pitching investors with zero traction, struggling to differentiate our concept from others, and playing with branding, we finally moved away from creating an app, towards building a platform for dialogue and discussion instead…

Next, we awoke our inner provocateurs, developed our desire for debate, and channeled our inner “back-talk” attitudes, all inspired by this photograph of my mom as a child, standing defiant, arms akimbo. That look on her face has “talk-back” all over it, right?

But even as our ideas were evolving, podcasts were growing incredibly fast in acceptance, popularity, reach, and power. Leading up to 2020, podcasts had become the de facto platform for interviews, listening, speaking out, and being heard! Then, as the pandemic locked us all down, podcasts surged even more, became a lifeline for many people, enabling listeners to ingest news and ideas anywhere at any time, often while doing other work, chores, tasks, and activities at home.

So, we had to ask ourselves the big, obvious question: Should we build a platform for interviews and conversations when a great one already exists?

Of course the answer was, “NO!”

So, we flipped the script, thought new thoughts, revised the plans, revamped the on-ramp, retooled the tools, pivoted the purpose, renamed, rebranded, reimagined, and relaunched the project as AudioConvo and boom – it’s a podcast!!

We will be adding the first episodes to this blog soon, as well our trailer. Please submit your email address to get notified when we make a new episode post. Talk soon!



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